The Event

This July we will be holding the first South West Classic Teams event! Teams of four players will be decided based on skill level, and those teams will compete with other teams based on ambrose rules (each player in the team throws but the next throw is taken from the best lie). As such, the teams event requires team work and cooperation that is not usually a feature of our other league days and competitions. The winning team will win the inaugural shield (pictured below).


Where? When? How much?

The event will be held at the Barwon Valley course on Saturday the 9th of July.

Registration will begin at 11:00am and finish at 11:30pmDue to the importance of balancing teams it is important that all players have registered before 11:30pm.

Teams will be drawn at 12:30pmA Fundraiser BBQ will also be provided by gold coin donation from 12:00pm, and the ProShop will be available.

shieldThe entry fee for the event will be $10This will initially cover the organisation of the main competition, the bbq and the cost of the shield. Any funds beyond that will form shield fundraising for the club.  There will be optional gold coin fundraising contests including Raffle, Ring of Fire and Hole by Hole CTP held before and after the main event with details announced on the day so be sure to  bring some extra gold coins to be part of the action.

Interested in playing?

While you can register to play on the day, it would be good for us to have a rough idea of who is coming before hand. If you would prefer to pay by credit card ahead of time you can Register to Play here! If you would prefer to pay cash on the day, or have any questions please contact either Hank Terpstra (0409 277 890) or Chris Eltringham (chris@geelongdiscgolf.com).

Perpetual SWCT Trophy


Normal Disc Golf Rules apply with the following additions for Ambrose team play.

  • Players will be placed in a team of generally 4 people depending on overall player numbers and skill level.
  • The “team” will be working together towards one score for the team.
  • There will be one nominated team captain per team.
  • The players of a team will play the best positioned disc from the four individual shots played.
  • The captain will have the final say as to which disc to play if there is no obvious choice.
  • Captains can decide the rotation of which members of his team will throw or Putt.
  • A team can only use the same player’s tee off drive twice in a row. A team must use each players drive a minimum of 3 times (4 times for a group of 3) for the round and record this on the scorecard.  However there are no restrictions on the following approach shots or putts.
  • A team of three may choose any of its players for a 4th putt if needed (In this instance only considered a putt if within the 10m circle)
  • In the event of a “playoff” you cannot use the same persons drive off the tee twice in a row.
    Team Selection

For the enjoyment of all players of different skill levels the teams will be blindly drawn, so as to avoid team stacking.

  • Using players past results and known skill level, players will be placed in one of four groups ranging from novice to open.
  • These groupings will be formed at the discretion of the Geelong Disc Golf Committee or nominated persons.
  • One player will be “blindly drawn” from each group to form a team of four.
  • The Captain will be the player from the most experienced group.