You too can install your own low-cost Disc Golf course for private or public use. Trust the experienced course designers, project managers and equipment specialists at Geelong Disc Golf to help you with your project.

Disc Golf courses can be installed just about anywhere! School’s, Public Parks, Camp Grounds, Reserves and Golf Courses, just to name a few. Geelong Disc Golf can design the perfect disc golf course package for any budget. Contact us today to find out more.

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A qualified professional designer can help you pick the best place to put your course. The biggest challenge is making the best possible use of the existing features of each location.

A quality disc golf course is designed by spending time on-site, exploring every possibility within the area. Geelong Disc Golf’s qualified professional course designers will develop unique and complex fairways that showcase the beauty of your land whilst create a playing experience that is challenging, fun, safe, and fair for beginners to advanced disc golfers.

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Why choose Geelong Disc Golf?

  • Over 10+ years of playing, practical experience in disc golf course design
  • With a national reputation for high quality course design, your course will become a regional attraction for disc golfers.
  • Our commitment and dedication to excellence
  • We can work with budgets of all types to help make your course a reality
  • We can design a course for beginners OR for championship competitions
  • Ability to use and highlight natural landscapes and their unique features to get the most out of your location.

“A good course designer has detailed knowledge of the flight patterns of modern discs, keeps up with trends in course design, and is familiar with top courses around the world.” Harold Duvall – Designer of more than 20 courses, including the famous Winthrop Gold Course, home of the US Disc Golf Championship.

Disc Golf Course Equipment

With Disc Golf being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, the equipment range available on the market today is growing and changing at a similar pace.

Choosing the right equipment for your Disc Golf course can be understandably daunting!

Let us help!

We can configure and source equipment to suit your budget and courses requirements.


One of the most attractive aspects of disc golf is its relative low cost and minimal impact on an existing park. Tees and targets define each hole. Signs inform players of the course layout. Without them, players may become lost. Trash cans and benches will make your course more appealing and user friendly. Below are the vital pieces of equipment that will create the foundation of any disc golf course.

Frisbee Discs

With hundred of models now on the market, the Geelong Disc Golf club currently stocks a large range of Golf Discs that can be used by players of all skill levels and abilities.

Target Baskets

The most obviously unique part of a disc golf course is the targets. With a wide variety of Disc Golf target baskets on the market, we can help choose a target that suits your requirements.

  • Compact Portable
  • Sturdy Portable
  • Semi-Permanent
  • Permanent

Tee Pads

Vital to any Disc Golf course, permanent Tee Pads can help eliminate erosion from high traffic courses and also create efficient stability and traction for players in all weather conditions.


Signs plays a very important part of any Disc Golf course. It allows the player to navigate the course correctly and efficiently, whilst also providing course statistics, hazards, boundaries and the rules of the game.

Course Info Boards

Displaying an overview of the course and outlining rules of play, course overview signs educate players and visitors about safety and proper usage of the facility.

Tee Signs

Individual tee signs keep throwers on target and aware of hazards and safety issues.

Navigation Signs

From directing players to the next hole, the promotion of hazards and the location of other facilities in the area, additional signage will enhance any players experience on the course.