Festival of Sport

We had a blast at this year’s Festival of Sport held at Kardinia Park! Our club’s involvement brought the exciting world of disc golf to hundreds of kids and their families, making it a day to remember.

Set against the backdrop of Kardinia Park’s iconic grounds, our booth was buzzing with energy. We provided a number of discs, ensuring everyone, young and old, could join in on the action. Many kids took their first shot at the sport, and it was heartwarming to see families bonding over the challenge of navigating our course.

Our club members were on hand to offer tips and encouragement, fostering a sense of community and fun. Laughter filled the air as frisbees soared, and cheers erupted with every successful shot.

The Festival of Sport was a testament to our commitment to making disc golf accessible and enjoyable for all. We look forward to next year’s event and introducing even more people to the joy of disc golf!